Illusion 12×7 Black Wheel Color Inserts

Illusion 12x7 Black Wheel Color InsertsAdd style to your Madjax® MJFX Illusion Wheels with changeable color inserts.

Multiple color styles await, ranging from Red, Blue, Yellow, White, and Chrome.

Fully maximize the customization of your Golf Cart today.. Order today!

Note: This product is for the Color inserts ONLY.

Color Insert Options:

  • Blue – Item #: 19-069-BLU
  • Red – Item #: 19-069-RED
  • Yellow – Item #: 19-069-YEL
  • White – Item #: 19-069-WHT
  • Chrome – Item #: 19-069-CHR

Illusion 12×7 Black Wheel Color Insert Options (inserts only) $18.00