Club Car Villager 2 LSV

Club Car Villager 2

Club Car Villager 2 LSV

Street-legal Villager 2 Low-Speed Vehicles are perfect for driving to your neighborhood golf course, picking up take out at your favorite restaurant or zipping to the gym for a workout. Choose the optional cargo box and you’ll have enough room to carry a week’s worth of groceries or to haul your dog to the park for a walk.

And low speed vehicles offer much more than convenience and fun: It doesn’t require fuel, it operates quietly, it’s easy to recharge and it cost pennies per day to operate. It’s your practical alternative for everyday suburban or in-town excursions.


Club Car Villager LSV

Your lifestyle is personal. So is your choice of transportation. By selecting a Club Car Villager 2 or 2+2 LSV, you’re making a personal statement.

You’re also making a personal contribution to the environment without sacrificing style, convenience or sophistication.

The zero-emissions Villager LSV (low-speed vehicle) is sporty, fun to drive and doesn’t require any fuel. It’s powered exclusively by electricity and is legal to drive on roads with speed ratings up to 35 mph.

Club Car Villager 2Your Villager LSV comes standard with :

• Strong, rust proof aluminum frame
• Up to 30 miles on one charge
• 3-point seat belts
• Safety-glass windshield with windshield wiper
• Advanced on-board diagnostics
• 48-volt DC Drive Motor
• And more

Please call for more information on available options and pricing.