New Yamaha Golf Cars available at Brad's Golf Cars

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Brad’s Golf Cars is an Authorized Dealer for Yamaha Golf Cars and carries a large assortment of New Yamaha Cars.

New Yamaha Golf Cars

Yamaha Drive 2 PTV Golf Car

Yamaha Drive 2 - PTV Why choose between luxury and reliability? With the new Drive 2 line of Personal Transportation Vehicles, now you don’t have to. Over 60 years of precision engineering and technological innovations [...]

Yamaha Adventurer One

Yamaha Adventurer One If there’s one thing this Adventurer knows how to do, it’s earn its keep. Sure, it may be the most comfortable, dependable utility car ever built, but it’s also the least expensive [...]

Yamaha Adventurer Two

Yamaha Adventurer Two When the task at hand calls for more muscle, this big brother of the Hauler is exactly what you need. It’s outfitted with an 800-pound payload capacity, beefed-up transaxle, four wheel drum [...]

Yamaha Adventurer Sport

Yamaha Adventurer Sport Don’t let that comfortable seating and sporty design fool you. The Adventurer Sport may play nice, but as soon as your guys need to take on a tough job, it’s right there [...]

Yamaha Adventurer Sport 2+2

Yamaha Adventurer Sport 2+2 Over the river and through the neighborhoods, it’s off to fun we go. The new Adventurer Sport 2+2 is as comfortable dropping kids off at baseball practice as it is scooting [...]

Adventurer Super Hauler

Yamaha Adventurer Super Hauler Whether you’re replacing water heaters, or setting up for the day’s big event, this extra-large hauler will lighten your load. With durable, low-maintenance engineering, and a super-sized aluminum cargo bed, it’ll [...]

Yamaha Concierge 4 Seater

Yamaha Concierge 4 Golf Car Whether picking up VIPs at a private airport, or escorting guests on a factory tour, our four- and six-seat Concierge models will impress even the most discerning passengers. With a [...]

Yamaha Concierge 6 Seater

When your guests arrive, you want to make a lasting first impression. Knowing that, we’ve outfitted both our four and six-seat Concierge models with a wealth of features to impress even the most discerning passengers.


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